Grow Consistently + Challenge Your Fears 

=True Wealth

Nikki KnowsNow is an ambassador for growth and change. Change is essential but it is not always easy, especially for women so Nikki is on a mission to motivate, educate and activate women worldwide.

Her name 'KnowsNow' comes from the secrets Nikki didn't know before but what she knows now, now that she has overcome certain adversity in her life.

Unintentionally becoming a property developer at 21 years old due to being attacked and robbed in her home Nikki has created wealth and learned the secrets to money through the survival of her own life. An overcomer Nikki has battled trials, such as divorce, near death experiences, betrayal, bad credit, abandonment, depression, workplace sexism, financial stresses and all of this whilst raising 3 children.

With over a 15 year history in management and coaching in the financial industry, a brand expert, life coach and supporting individuals and companies across 5 continents Nikki is determined to share the secrets of her success to women across the world.

Nikki believes that true wealth isn't just financial so Nikki focuses on; Spiritual and Legacy Wealth, Emotional Health and Financial Freedom to unleash the true capabilities, overcome the barriers and fears, reveal and develop the hidden and trapped gifting's laid on the inside of the woman.

An expert at goal setting, building trusted relationships, branding, planning, financial reviews and motivation Nikki and the team offer products and services to suit all women.

Ranging from workshops, coaching sessions, and one-to-one mentorship Nikki supports clients with financial goals, building a business and trading the foreign exchange and crypto markets; plus a range of mindset, family (including children) and personal development services.

Corporate packages are also available.

Described as the UK's Oprah Nikki has a mission to motivate, activate and educate women to be in alignment with their true life purpose through financial, emotional and spiritual development.