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Customer Favourite

Nikki KnowsNow  aims to deliver a world class service delivering world class solutions to all of our clients. 

With clients based around the globe we have tailor made products that are designed specifically with your needs and requirements in mind. 

Whether as a first time leader or an experienced one Nikki will bring your leadership to the next level.

Using a leadership model that will cover every aspect of your business, from creating sales (face to face and online) to coaching staff to planning and creating motivation and much more. 

Because of our range of solutions we advise you to book a consultation with one of the consultants to ensure the correct programme is supplied to you or alternatively contact us via email and one of our dedicated team will go through the packages with you. 

Packages include 

- Seminars 

- Workshops

- Coaching Calls/ Meetings 

- Key Note Speaking 

- Budget Planning 

- Branding 

- Motivation 

- Sales (Including telephone and online)

- Handling Conflict

- Difficult Conversations

- Influencing with Intent

- Existing to Living

- Follow-Up and Feedback

- Money Matters.

Leadership, Management & Coaching: Products
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