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A Passive Portfolio

Purchase your Home 

Nikki purchased 3 houses by the age of 21 and she understands how confusing and stressful it can be when you are first starting out in the property business.
Learn the strategies, understand your budget and options, get connected to the right people, build a plan and enjoy a stress free journey to property ownership.

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Investment  Properties

Buy and Flip, Buy-To-Let, Auction Deals

Get a quick cash injection with our no money down deals. Whether you find the property yourself or we find it for you (minimum 25% BMV) we show you how to create quick profits alongside working with some of the top property investors in the market. (All credit ratings excepted)

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Selling or Renting Your Home?

We buy cash and have a client database ready to rent your home

If you need a quick sale we will buy your house cash. (25% below market value offered and subject to valuation) With a 4 week turn around from offer. 

We are looking for 3/4 bedroom properties to let out to professionals. Competitive and guaranteed rent for 3-5 years. Get your rent hassle free and have no additional outgoings.

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Property Management: Projects
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