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Fun and interactive workshops that will give you the tools and techniques to achieve great things. Practice having difficult conversations and role play in a safe and interactive environment. Learn strategies and techniques to support personal and business growth, planning, relationship development and goal setting. Designed to support all levels of leadership and entrepreneurs.

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Existing To Living

Grow Your Business

Do you want to develop your business but not sure where to turn?  Want to gain confidence in branding, social media presence, gaining and building trust with clients or stakeholders? Need help with a business plan or sales techniques?
This workshop will challenge you to be proactive and take ownership for making your business a success.
This workshop will challenge you in a fun and interactive enviornment, to dedicate and prioritise your time to take your business to the next level whilst addressing most areas of a business plan.

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Influencing With Intent

Engage Your People

Do you need to influence your staff, clients, children, stake holders or colleagues?
Whoever you need to influence this workshop will equip you to influence with an impact; getting the results you need.
Influencing in the right way will build trust, respect and lasting relationships. 
A fun filled interactive workshop that will take your leadership skills to a whole new level.
This workshop will challenge your own leadership style and push you to be more accountable for your influencing responsibilities.

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Follow-up And Feedback

Achieve Your Goals

Giving feedback is not always easy especially if it is an uncomfortable area of conversation.
It is vital to give feedback no matter how hard or uncomfortable it may be. 
Follow-up and feedback is vital in business and for growth.
This workshop will support and challenge you by practising uncomfortable conversations with all levels of people.
You will build strategies for conflict and be able to disassociate personal thoughts and feelings and unconscious bias in order to give objective feedback.

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Money Matters
Part 1 & 2

Expert Guidance

Are you constantly checking your bank account and wondering where all the money has gone? Are you struggling pay check by pay check and constantly checking your account? Are you going overdrawn or having bank charges?

Do you have a talent and would you love to build your skill into a solid side hustle?

Money Matters

Part 1 of the  workshop will give you solid tips on managing your finances, including debts and effective management of your bank account and money.

Part 2 you will learn how to turn your talent into a side hustle. You will practice introduction pitches and networking in a safe and comfortable environment. You will gain confidence to launch your side hustle with minimal investment.

Get in Touch

Branding & Positioning Analysis

Grow Your Business

Do you need someone to motivate an audience to purchase your products or services? Do you need to engage the audience at the beginning of the event? Do you need a host to introduce your speakers? Do you need an empowering speaker to deliver a 20 minute motivational messege? Do you need a coaching session on setting visions, goals, business, branding or motivation?

Whatever you need Nikki and her trained facilitators can help you to achieve it.

Events can be very stressful to organise and audiences can be tough so hire us now to avoid embaressment and to ensure you have a professional approach. 


Need a course that you don't see here? Get in touch now to see our catalogue of workshops.

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