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N'rich Your Soul

Nikki KnowsNow understands that sometimes your personal relationships can contribute to the success in your business or personal life so the N'rich your soul programmes are designed to support your life personally and encourage relationship building and strengthening your communIcation skills.


The Proverbs 31 Woman

Inside Out

Are you tired of being single?

Are all of your friends getting married and having children and you are wondering when is it your turn?

Has past relationships effected your trust issues?

Are you constantly on the go with home, work and family and need to influence your husband to you help more or get a better routine so you can spend more time with the family?

Do you wish for your husband to listen and understand you more or has the wedding blues worn off and you want to reignite the spark?

Whatever the situation Nikki KnowsNow ConsultiN Inside Out Programme is calling all women, all ages, Single or married to build up confidence, develop how you react to conflict and enhance your communication skills.

Designed to make you a better woman, a more confident woman and a more productive woman.

This programme will enhance your patience, wisdom and character to build stronger and longer lasting relationships.

Contact us now to book a workshop near you.


The Boaz In You

Outside In

Are you tired of your wife being tired?

Do you want to feel wanted, listened to and respected?

Do you wish your wife would make more of an effort?

Do you need to develop your listening and communication skills to get better clarity and understanding?

Are you fed up of being single and want to transition to the

committed stage but you are scared of being hurt again or losing the freedom that you have always loved?

Do you wish you understood women?

Nikki KnowsNow ConsultiN Outside In Programme is just for you.

You will develop your communication and listening skills and gain techniques on how to communicate and appreciate women.

You will build trust, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and effective management skills to enhance and develop your relationship.

Book a workshop now or contact us for more information.

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Abraham & Sarah

Boost & Build

Is it time to have a better plan on were you are going in your marriage? Failed to set or follow though on future goals?

Is a lack of effective communication causing issues in your marriage?

Has life got so busy you are spending less and less time with each other?

Have the children taken over?

Is sex becoming an issue?

Nikki KnowsNow ConsultiN has just thing for you.

Fun, interactive communication workshops designed to reignite your marriage and deal with some of the issues that have been left to develop over the years.

Enjoy spending time together with other couples in a friendly and fun environment.

If you are struggling to get a babysitter then why not bring your children to our learning centre where they will be learning entrepreneur skills. (subject to availability check with your consultant for a place)

This is not a counselling session although some have said it has worked better than therapy. 

Contact us now to book a workshop near you or for futher information

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